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Pacific Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital

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In the space below, you’ll find the latest updates as we continually adjust to changing pandemic conditions, plus any news regarding community events or other pet-worthy happenings.

Update Regarding Lobby Closure

To our valued clients:

We thank you for your patience as we begin to relax restrictions and once again open our doors so that we can finally get back to having face-to-face interactions during your visits.  State mandated policies with regard to work exclusions due to illness are now more relaxed and return-to-work guidelines have shortened in duration, but they do still exist, so we do need to exercise care to minimize our staff’s exposure to illness (we need to maintain staffing levels to continue to provide excellent care!).

As such, we have modified our admission policies so that we can allow for and prioritize the face-to-face interactions so important while discussing your pets’ care and treatment with our doctors and staff, but we are still taking measures to limit crowding; specifically, we want you to come inside with your pets at appointment time, but need to limit crowding in our lobby, so we are asking that you still call us upon arrival so that we can invite you inside when it’s your pet’s time to be seen, limiting the close-quartered waiting for large groups of people in our lobby.

Again, we thank you for your patience and look forward to seeing all of your faces!

PacVet & LVH Management

Current Admission Procedures

  • When you arrive, please call the front desk at (925) 297-5751.
    • Please inform us immediately if your pet is experiencing a medical emergency—if so, one or more of our veterinary technicians will be out quickly to assess your pet and take necessary action
  • We are making efforts to limit the number of people waiting in our lobby, so we ask that you wait in your vehicle or outside in our seating area until it your turn to be seen
  • Our front desk staff will assist with registration, asking you some initial questions over the phone when you alert us to your arrival, and, when it is your pet’s time to be seen, a member of our nursing staff will come to your vehicle to escort you and your pet in to be seen by the veterinarian.
  • Of course, if it is your preference to remain outside or in your vehicle during your pet’s visit, we can certainly accommodate that, and will be happy to speak over the phone if you feel more comfortable continuing with that approach

Our staff is comprised of some of the most highly trained, caring, and compassionate individuals you have ever met.